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The Industry's Reality

In many organizations today aftermarket is an afterthought. Heavily focused on initial product sales, organizations are often reactive to client’s aftermarket needs; leaving revenue opportunities on the table and jeopardizing long-term market capture.

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Our Mission


To help our clients realize their aftermarket potential through simple and efficient strategies tailored to their business reality. 

Ginelle Johnston

Ginelle Johnston is a seasoned aftermarket leader, known for her ability to lead teams in times of uncertainty and deploying disruptive strategies.


Experienced in aerospace and aerospace peripheral programs she is known for ensuring aftermarket policy is the at the forefront of product strategy. She has led customer support segments both within a cost center and profit center environment covering new aircraft programs through to sustaining OEM products.


Key accomplishments include:

  • Building high performing teams, to deploy industry leading practices on a new aircraft program.

  • Deploying advanced algorithms for cost savings and product improvement.

  • Managing a merger and acquisition and the impact on her customer support segment.

  • Implementing long term sustainable aftermarket models prior to product introduction or evolution.

  • Phased transformation to adopt new policies within sustaining business models.

  • Driving effective short-term business pivots in support of financial objectives.

  • Managing complex regulatory environments including aircraft maintenance programs.


Ginelle is a blend of disrupter mixed with pragmatist, able to identify areas of transformation while understanding the reality of complex business environments. Her strategies are developed as a bridge between vision and operational realization.

Senior Consultant & Founder

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